To comply with legal regulations, the activities of MUNDIO International Plc. are divided among different legal entities, but in the end, it is one happy MUNDIO Family!

MUNDIO family, envision to be a global leading vacation company, striving to provide excellent tailored vacation services to every ONE customer. Furthermore, it is the vision to not run behind the masses, but that it is all about the ONE Customer.

The MUNDIO Family staff is daily reminded, that our customers put their trust in us with their valuable vacation or business travel resources (time and money). The customer expect from us and we promise to the customer, to do all to our ability and beyond to provide and arrange an extraordinary and marvellous travel experience.

MUNDIO Cruises

MUNDIO Cruises promotes and selling cruise vacations on mayor cruise lines.

MUNDIO CRUISES will commence own charter or group operation serving key niche markets where demand is either unmet or poorly served; travel with healthcare, Women only vacations, Culinary vacations, LGBT travel groups, singles travel and other thematic niche market.

MUNDIO Cruises strives to have the best information available on a cruise ships and their voyages.

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MUNDIO Airlines

Operates scheduled and charter flights in Europe.

MUNDIO Airlines plans to increase its fleet on a bi-monthly basis, training its own pilots at its own facilities and offering the best possible service.

MUNDIO airlines differentiates its self by its flexibility!

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Retailer of vacation packages from tour-operators and own developed packages.

SME and Large corporation we offer a truly global travel partner, operating 24 hours a day 7 days week.

Furthermore, MUNDIO travel offers Small and medium sized local travel service providers the opportunity to offer travel related services through a global distribution and settlement network.

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MUNDIO Systems

Operate and offer travel related IT software solutions for internal use and offered to our partners.

MUNDIO systems operates a global distribution and settlement system dedicated to Small and medium sized local travel service providers to host their inventory and issue and redeem accountable travel documents.

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